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“A new Revolution is coming… Zombie Revolution!”

It’s scary, it’s gore, it’s literally drop dead funny and it’s Cuba’s first movie with international cooperation. This Cuban-Spanish film directed by Alejandro Bruges, starring a Cuban cast, won some awards, including the International Fantasy Film Award for the Portuguese Fantasporto Festival.  

Juan de Los Muertos tells the story of Juan, a laid-back Cuban that is somehow always getting into trouble with his best friend Lazaro. After a normal day spent trying to make a living, strange things start to happen, a disease is spreading and the infected become avid for human flesh! No, this time is not the Gringos (aka Americans) plotting an invasion, this time the threat is real. The action kicks on and you are taken along the streets of Havana and it’s cultural landmarks together with Juan and his friends who try to survive the zombies’ attack. In the end, this movie is a gore comedy that satirises  Fidel’s Socialism and tells us about a very particular Cuban way of life: to make money out of everything, to survive at all costs, as you can see in the movie when Juan decides to seize the opportunity and make of the chaotic situation a profitable business – “Juan de los muertos, matamos a sus seres queridos” (Juan of the Dead, we kill your beloved ones).

The hole film is full of latent and open critics to the regime, which was a big surprise for us, who felt that Cubans didn’t want to speak about the country’s political situation. We were even more surprised when we saw the cinema full of people laughing out loud of their own government. We highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in having an insight into Cuba’s mysterious living with a promise of a good laugh! Just make sure you have the subtitles on! An be prepared to lots of blood.


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