A new Destination – Belize (former British Honduras)

So the next jump is finally decided, we are heading to Belize, the country of the blue hole, the second biggest reef in the world and the breathtaking mayan ruins surrounded by tropical forest.

The Cayman adventure will soon come to an end, we will certainly miss the quality of life we enjoyed in the Island and the great souls we met during our 15 months. Cayman Islands was a great decision, having the privilege of looking back in time we hardly could have chosen a better place to prepare, gather and start exotically our world travel. We strongly recommend to anyone that want a short or long term life experience in a small oasis planted in the middle of the caribe.

But it’s time to move on, the travel bug is stronger than ever, and we can’t stop just because we found paradise, we want to find all paradises out there, and the jungles, and the crazy places. We stay loyal to the original plan, start in Central America and from North to South, hence Belize being the north most part of the continent.

7th of October is our departing day heading to Belize at warp speed, and who knows, maybe it will be a see you soon, to the wonderful Cayman Islands.


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