About Us

a Spirits Trek TRAVEL ADVICE »»»»» If you TRAVEL, do DRINK!

Our motto:

To boldly drink where no one has drAnk before!

One might think “Who are these guys?! A couple of drunkards?”. Well, to answer to your question, yes and no.

SPIRITS TREK was born out of a need to match two passions: traveling and appreciating spirits (the distilled ones, of course). These two came together simply because of the way we chose to start our round-the-world trip. We changed careers and dedicated ourselves to learn how to make a balanced cocktail and how to pair wine with food.

With our brand new skills, we decided to spend time in new places, working to save money for the next destination. This experience allowed us to “feel” a country, its unique culture and people in a way we would not have if we only visited it for a week or two. We made friends in every place we lived, we know now more about a country’s history than if we had studied in books and we tried things we would never thought to be brave enough to try them. We changed our lives and now we want YOU to change your life and follow your dreams.

In this website, you can find information, inspiration, humor and lots of dedication. We, SPIRITS TREK, João and Sara, hope you stay around and maybe leave convinced of turning your life upside down.


meet the TRAVELERS

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