Alien Fruit – Or like they call it here, Star Fruit

There is no better way to know a country than to cross it either by car or train, in a way you can see it to transform upon your eyes and you have a feel for what’s local and what’s regional. We enjoyed travelling across Jamaica, even if it meant driving on the left and having to avert holes the size of vulcanos, because we saw some of it’s reality.

One can see that outside the main cities there is much poverty, and too much Over Proof Rum, but also gentle and relaxed people. Maybe too relaxed or maybe just happy with what they had, life seemed very slow in some of the small villages we passed thru.

For a part of the trip we saw dozens of fruit sellers with a fruit we have never seen before, and so considering our exploration spirit we decided to give it a try.

Nothing special from the look! Let’s see inside…

Opening was easy with the hands as the shell is quite soft, but looking inside it was a different matter. Maybe I’ve seen too much sci-fi movies with aliens but I could swear I was opening and alien shell and the damn thing was still alive. If I squeezed to much it would jump to my face and lay an egg inside me as fast as I could breath and you all now what happens after that.

The alien look! Yes, still alive…

After a long and hard struggle, with much suffering I eventually took control of the scentedĀ beingĀ and manage to ingest it to prevent further damage.

My suffering!!! We will prevail…

The conclusion: it tastes delicious, very milky and sweet. Nothing I’ve tried before but it was worth the fight, the damn alien was a delicatesse.

I will name this species as Chrysophyllum Cainito

Now it’s your turn …

Confidence before the fight…



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