Deep Sea Fishing

Living in the Caribbean sea makes the fishing experience quite easy and common due to the fish abundance and very quiet waters. So we took the opportunity and my mate Grady organised for us a fishing trip, only four hours but enough for great moments, specially for someone who never had a rod in his hand.

Leaving Camana Bay waterways

We never had any fishing experience so deep-sea fishing sounded a great opportunity to our debut. Early start of the day as fishing means early birds, at 8am we were already leaving the dock heading to deep waters and preparing our nine rods for fishing.

One of my multiple questions about the endeavour we were going to have was about the number of fishing lines we could have on the sea without being tangled, as nine sounded almost an impossible number to achieve. Part of the answer is the continue movement of the boat as it keeps the lines in tension, then it had to be with the way and order you place them.

View from the top where is possible to see the nine rods placed with the lines on the water

Another question was the bait, if it was alive or not, and the answer was another surprise, no live bait at all, only funny plastic squids with some mirrors to reflect the light. As you can see on the side picture, all the rods are placed on the bow of the boat and in different heights, (unfortunately, you can’t see from this magnificent view). It was a tall boat and I had to control my height scare to reach the top, but I succeeded.

After satisfying my initial curiosity, we started to look for the likely locations of fish to catch, signs that could guide us to the shoal of fish. Following the Man-o-war bird is one of the options as he’s a scavenger, always looking for opportunities for free fish and they show up when a feeding feast is happening. So every time we spotted the elegant flight of the bird we could also see fish jumping in the water, trying to escape a group of predators, then the captain turned the boat directly to the spot, hoping that they would stay or turn in our direction and fall into our bates.

The crew on watch! Follow the bird!!

And from the many times we used this tactic we caught a fish three times! Eventually, the shouting “Fish on line!” was on and everyone got super excited to run to the rod and bring the prize on board. This was the sign for someone to seat on the magic chair and start the duel with the hopeless animal. Well, hopeless to this size of fish, if it was a white shark then we would be hopeless, but there’s no fish on this sea that could be a threat so we had the upper hand.

When a fish is on the line someone has its turn to go and finish the catch and Sara was the first one to try. Off she went with a bravery only matched by captain Ahab in is search for Moby Dick, she grabbed the rod and there was only one fate possible, the helpless fish inside our boat. I’m in command!!!! 🙂 It was tough and it required all of Sara’s coordination and strenght but she prevailed and the 20 pounds tuna had his days terminated inside our fishing boat.

I’m in command!!!! 🙂

Congrats to Sara, the first fisherman of the day. After Sara’s catch we had two more opportunities that Theresa and Mathew made no mistake. Not bad for the first trip, two middle sized tunas that we could eat or sell for a nice profit. Of course the trip was not only about fishing has we had a magnificent day in a great boat to enjoy. Even if it was raining, inside we had a big flat screen and DVD players just in case. Catching sun on the aft was one of the options we had to, we always had plenty of time between catches, so nothing like sunscreen.

The hunter and the prey!!!

The best tip for the future: Sunscreen

So after four hours of ramming around looking for fresh fish, the time was finished and we had to go back to land, where the plan was to sell two of them to our restaurant and take the last one to cook it and eat it in a BBQ by our private beach. And that was exactly what we did, with the money from the sale we bought all BBQ supplies and we ate what was for me the best fish experience ever. I don’t recall eating a fish so flavourful and tender like the tuna we caught and that Chef Mathew cooked on the grill. After this day no fish will be the same for me.

It was an amazing day and experience and we couldn’t look happier!

Mission accomplished faces!!


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