Diving deep in the Mayan Underworld

It’s easy for us to choose the most spectacular activity (adrenaline wise at least) we did in Belize, specially because we did not do the Blue Hole dive: the Cave of Actun Tunichil Muknal.

Caves are for the Maya sacred places, like most of the religions have churches and synagogues, Mayan saw the caves as their connection with the Underworld. Only the higher ranks of the society had access to perform the ceremonies and be closer to the gods.

The Mayan believed the trees, specially the sacred Ceiba, were their connection to the Underworld, the roots were deep in the ground and in the caves the stalactites were those same roots. What was most impressive during this visit with the Maya guide was the spiritual impact visiting the site had to them. It’s a long way to the end of the Underworld, as there are nine Gods to get there!!!

It’s impressive how you can just walk around the pottery with no protection, and because of that an idiot last year dropped a camera and broke a skull with thousands of years, result: no cameras inside. The photos we present here were the courtesy of Pacz Tours based in San Ignacio.


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