Finally a Treasure in Jamaica!!!!

We decided to go South and try Treasure Beach as we had good recommendations, and the trip proved to be a great decision. Not only the landscape of the road trip was invigorating with all the greenery and nature smell but also the place itself trasmitted some quietud we did not feel since we left London.

Treasure Beach is a small cluster of guest house spread along a typical caribbean beach, divided in five zones with some restaurants and groceries in the middle. We tried to book in advance and we managed to get a good price in a house we have only seen by pictures, but it did not disappoint us. It was managed by a young local lady who had a very small child, but was very kind and gentle to us, she even gave us a tapioca breakfast that was not included in the deal.

We finally had a real contact with a Caribbean beach and it was a gorgeous moment, first the sunset in a local restaurant and the next morning the sunrise, which was easy for us to watch as we were still with jetlag from London.

Sunset dinner @ Treasure beach

Waking up before the sun

It started as a very windy day, we were learning quickly another characteristic of tropical weather, but the temperature is always the same, high and enough. Treasure beach is a fantastic retirement place as you don’t have anything else but the beach, and it is not crowded of resorts making it also pleasant to be as there are not flocks of people. Just relax, enjoy the view and rebuild your strength for next challenges.

If there is a place we would go back in Jamaica it’s Treasure Beach and we would stay exactly on the same place, called Cacona with the young lady and the funny kid looking at us while he played with the cats.

Feeding the cats with young local












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