Finally heaven – Cayman Islands

We reached our first big destination, our intended hub of travelling, our headquarter for Central America travelling, and last but not the least, our paradise.

You smell it when you arrive, the peace in the air, the relaxation of the people, the good vibe, the ‘yes I have a good life’ face on everyone. We knew this was a great option and we couldn’t wait to start living in this country.

But first we had to land, and luckily a Couchsurfer pall, Rob, picked us up from the airport and showed us around the main city, and then to the house of our first hosts. And what a house it was, based on the north part of the island (locally called west bay) it had a private beach and pool where we could have our first steps in paradise ground.

It was a glorious afternoon that we spent waiting for our hosts and enjoying the sun and the tropical rain both in the beach and in the pool. Yes we were quickly baptised with the good and warm tropical rain that shows up and disappears with the blink of an eye.

After Rob who was super great offering us the first human contact in this island we met our first hosts in the island, Nate and Jen, an american couple living in the island and working in the finance sector. They are part of a well represented community of American ex-pats in the Caymans and were the first Americans with who we spent some time together, which is culture challenging for us.

Our first house view

Warm rain

We loved the Islands from the first day and Nate and Jen were strong influence on that feeling by showing us a way of life that we really envisage for us: healthy and positive life surround by sports and cultural activities. While we were with them we went to do sports (I even injured myself), we went to relax to rum point, we had a movie night, we tried on of the best jerk chickens in the island and we drunk a gin tonic by the sunset. Half world would kill for a life like this.

Frisbee challenge

Jerk chicken delicatesse!!

Sunday chill out

Gin Tonic Sunset

In the meantime we had to put our feet on the road and look for work to be able to stay and enjoy life around here, so with a map and dozens of CVs made specifically for hospitality we tried our luck almost everywhere we could imagine ourselves to work. We tried hotels, restaurants and bars and after 3 days I nailed a place as a bartender in one of the most innovative and dynamic restaurants of the islands, Michael Genuine’s Food and Drinks. Once again the luck was on our side, and even though Sara had more difficulties, by the end of the second week we had two jobs in hand and a bright future on the islands ahead.

The Cayman Trek starts…


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