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If you are a music lover and always on the move (or just world traveling like us) then you need some kind of portable speakers, specially if you are also not alone. The situations where mobile speakers will be useful are immense, from non planned gatherings, romantic night environments or the main reason we bought it: to listen to music on the move.

View of the iLuv speakers model SmashBox Sp110

View of the iLuv speakers model SmashBox Sp110

Before traveling I studied many different options and what called me the attention to this model was that it looked quite safe and it was very cheap compared with alternatives. Yes it may not be a super fancy stereo system and I always think twice when I find very cheap items, specially not coming from a asian source, but we decided to give it a try.

So we bought the model SP110 called Smashbox that you can check here and ever since have been using it outdoors when we are walking or just hanging out in social gatherings. It is very safe, protects the iPhone from the sand (it happens that most our gatherings are on the beach) and other accidental contaminations and it is very easy to hang anywhere. The sounds is good enough powered by AA batteries which is not our favourite type of power supply but that’s probably the main drawback.

There are other advanced versions from this brand with the main advantage being some control of the iPhone without opening the case which could be very helpful. This version does not have it but with the use we did not find it so critical as we expected.

Final assessment it is an amazing value for money:


  • Light
  • Safe and protective
  • Good enough sound
  • Cheap
Case being used

Case being used


  • No control from the outside
  • AA batteries


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