Kingston – Civil War?

After the long road trip that went without any critical incident we arrived to Kingston, the Jamaican capital where we would take our flight to Cayman Islands. Because we were driving we could cross the city south to north and have a taster of it, the result was our rational decision to stay put.

We booked our stay in the capital in a well recomended cheap hostel called Reggae Hostel, which is located in the center of the uptown area, a safer area than downtown. (there seems to be a correlation between downtown and danger in this country). But even being in a safer neighbourhood the place is protected by a huge metal door that can only be open by a hidden remote and has a permanent security personell outside, imagine if it was located in the downtown.

The bar in the Hostel!!


After we lodged we tried again to go by car to the center and try to find a suitable place to wander, but like the first try we did not find a place we would like to stop and stroll around as everywhere looked dangerous. Maybe it was our first travel outside safe Europe, maybe it was the first contact in Montego Bay, or maybe we are just a pair of chickens but we just thought we were in a middle of a civil war as everyone looked ready to fight.

So with our tails between our legs we went back to our hostel where some youngsters looked very happy to do their cannabis vacation inside that bunker. Time went slowly and early next day we would be out of there.

Unfortunately we did not have time to visit the most representative sight of the city, the Bob Marley museum as we arrived to late in the day for that. Maybe next visit, if it ever happens.

Tommorow… another world in the Caymans for sure!


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