Project Away – Competition to Travel Around the World

Some weeks ago a friend of mine send me a website with a competition to a prize of World Traveling. I have to say that it kinda match our actual life goals so how could we refuse?

The company is My Destination.com and is a travel agency from UK that is also using this competition to promote itself, and it is working indeed. To compete you have to make a 3 minutes video of any destination of your liking and then pray to be either super social voted or selected from the competition jury. To vote you had to share the video, it was not enough to like, so you can imagine the consequence of this system, My destination was shared in thousands of facebooks who also have thousands of friends. And voila, I feel like a marketing member of the company, has I need to spread the news in order to compete. Social strategies on the side it was quite exciting to do the video and now that we are waiting for the results we are biting our fingers out, it will be announced on the 15th.

See the video, but no need to vote as it is already closed. Our profile on the competition is here.


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