Spirits World Map – Incomplete

If we had to make a world map with the spirits predominance it would be clear in some regions/countries but blurred in others. It is close connected with the spirit of our spirits travel, to map this tendencies and influences so we can so far do a little sketch. It is based on our personal experience not in any statistic, it is thru our eyes. The idea is to color a world map with the spirits dominance to have an idea how they are distributed, and then analise the reasons, either historic or economic or something else.

We lived in London, capital of UK where the G&T, or Gin and Tonic, rules, specially being made with London Dry Gin. If we consider London a country inside UK, (we might as well do it as it’s hard to find English over there) then London would be mainly influenced by Gin and it is with no surprise that we see the birth of micro destilleries like Sipsmith. But we cannot forget the Scotch (and Irish Whiskey) birthplace, and all the history behind it. Many still discuss who was born first, Gin or Whiskey, Gin maybe 17th century or 12th century, whiskey maybe 15th century, who really knows? So UK would be a mix of Scotch and Gin as it is shown in the map below.

Now we moved to the Caribe, first Jamaica then Cuba and now Cayman Islands, and with no surprise the Rum rules. The history of rum brings us here, either with the British (yes they again) navy or the first destilleries created in the islands of Barbados, Jamaica and Martinique (this one by the french). It was Columbus who brought from Asia the sugar cane to the Caribbean islands when he discovered them in the 16th century. Soon the locals (later slaves) discovered the power of the destination of sugar cane and rum was born as the new ‘gold’. The main reason why the islands were discovered were to find the El Dorado, and by making rum they discovered something even more profitable, England started to be the main consumer so the English navy was everywhere to protect the precious cargos. The history also says that one of the boats wrecked close to the Tortuga Islands (today Cayman Islands) and the precious cargo was taken to shore giving name to the tip of the island: Rum Point.

So far our trip allows us for some colors in our world map, and with that we can see how far we are from completing the task. This is version 1.0, can’t wait for version 34!!!!!!!!

Spirits World Map

Population (2011 numbers)

World – 6,973,738,433

United Kingdom – 62,641,000 United Kingdom less London – 54,466,900
London – 8,174,100

Caribbean – 39,169,962


Gin – 8,174,100
Whisky – 54,466,900
Rum – 39,169,962
Vodka –
Tequila –
Brandy – 


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