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So finally the adventure starts, after months of preparations, after 2 years living in the frenetic city of London we started our dream. It will be like Alex in her blog says: “Working and playing around the world”!!!

We saved enough in London to start again in the Caribe, a very expensive area of the world, but not enough to continue traveling so we need to regroup and refill our bank accounts. We will have to earn on the road to stay on the road.

We decided to target Cayman Islands, a lost paradise and a famous tax haven, to regroup and refill, and we are sure we couldn’t have chosen a better place. On the way to the oasis we will sleep over in Jamaica and have a little taste of the reggae capital of the world.

We can’t wait, even though it was tough to say goodbye to London and our friends there and then to Portugal to our family and friends over there. But we need not to look back and keep setting our course in life. It’s a see you soon my friends…

After 2 years in the strange new world of Hospitality we felt that once part of our life it may probably be for ever, even if it changes it’s shape. (no we are not planning to be bartenders the rest of our lives) We learned so much and had so much fun that it balances all the days we wanted to quit and cry, and they existed and will still exist, but we believe very seldom now. Like all jobs in the world, you have bad days and amazing ones, you just have to keep the balance on the positive side.

We loved to lean about the Spirits world, the drinks, the cocktails, the mixes, measures, recipes and everything that  makes this world a culinary world with drinks. We are both from Science background and Sara being a Pharmacist is even more sensible to all the chemical shifts we can obtain from this ingredients. The couse I did in the Shaker Uk, the experience we both had and the will to learn more and more created this concept of ours, SpiritsTrek.

It may look fancy but we are very humble in our expectations, we just want to take advantage of being into places to learn about theirs spirits. If possible the origins, if not just the trends, and at the very end we will just drink and report.

Knowledge is our focus, and sharing our life law, so this site and everything connected to our travel will be a community place.

We just want to meet strange new worlds and new civilisations, and to sip with all of them while we talk our differences.

Our motto… Trekking Travelling and Sipping.


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