Jamaica! Unfriendly Start!

Steamy!!! Warm!!! Cloudy!! Rainy!!! Wet!!! Strange, very strange, unfamiliar conditions!! The two dummies from confort Europe arrived to a new reality, Tropical World!!!

Small airport, simple procedures, some cues with no rush, this was our reception in Montego Bay Airport, second most important city of Jamaica. It’s time to go outside, to breath the new air, to feel the new vibes.

Starts to rain again, and this time stronger but our will to walk all the way to the city center is bigger, much bigger than the duzen pseudo taxis (everyone seems to be a taxi around here) that try to persuade us to use their reliable services. And there we went steady right into the hearth of Montego Bay, downtown center.

Unfortunately we did not study properly our lesson and missed where it said everywhere: “downtown is no place for tourists”. And so with very curious and even surprised looks from everyone we strolled inside the city center at our own while appreciating the surroundings and the daily life of the Jamaicans. We felt a little uncomfortable, but we naively thought it was normal for our change of scenery so we kept going until we were totally lost in the main spot of the city. The only white people around, carrying backpacks looking lost in the world, at the mercy of the tourist eaters.

Luckily we spotted two policeman that seeing us lost there did not hesitate to help us and quickly remove us from that scenery, which we really appreciated as we saw our fate looking complicated. We couldn’t stop noticing the way we were escorted by the police as they wanted to do it very slowly and discreetly as to not to call much of attention to us. And also the decision of the taxi to take us was quite complicated as they danced thru several options until they decided for one safe for us. Even though it was a car falling apart, a dubious guy with a woman on his side and a no price trip.

But we made it and we got to our little guest house, quite isolated but with a very nature feel environment.

our guest house in montego bayOur view from the Guest House: Bird’s Nest

Montego Bay is a famous destination for its resorts and beaches, not for reggae, not for the culture and not for the Jamaican. As a result of that Montego Bay has nothing of interest outside the resorts. We decided quickly to move on in the country and for that we needed to rent a car and adventure on the roads of Jamaica. Driving on the left, avoiding the holes and finding directions where no signs exist.  The last hours in Montego Bay we managed to finally have some jerk chicken under some heavy rain while tasting the local beer, red stripe.  Unfriendly is how we can describe this start, Jamaica is a disappointment if you start in Montego Bay, let see if it finishes that way.Red Stripe under heavy rain


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