Captain / Chief Engineer / COMMs
Jean-Ru Mustard (Earth former name: Joao Reis 34yrs)

Chief Medical Officer / Science Officer / Counselor
Sarah of Troy (Earth former name: Sara Silva 27yrs)

They are the solo tripulants of a cosmic trip of discovery. Once they lived on Earth, with their feet on the ground, but now they are flying away.

They used to live on Earth close to their beloved family and friends in the state (formerly called country) of Portugal, the western tip of the European Peninsula. They had good jobs and a prosperous life until the mission decision came and they joined forces, and they never look back. They had met before, in previous missions, but it was in the briefing of this mission that they partnership really started.

Chief Medical Officer Sarah of Troy is a former Earth Pharmacist, the old fashioned profession when the drugs where still purchased in a street store, and the population also got medical advice and other peripheral services. This time is far away from our medical replicators that populate our Medical Centres, that in most of our society works without currency exchanges.

Captain Jean-Ru Mustard is a former Operations Engineer specialised in the Health Industry that was working in a main Hospital Centre as a Procurement (aka as Sourcing) Manager. This was also in our age of currency and his main responsibility was to get the best possible goods and services at the lowest cost, so different from today where price is no longer a variable.

They now join forces on a Mission that will take them to less explored places of our United Nations Planet, sampling local cultures and sipping the best beverages they have to offer.

Two free spirits will trek the Planet in search for Spirits and other beverages, sharing their experiences with all the nations they encounter and delivering all the knowledge with the science community.


  • Respect and embrace the differences
  • Knowledge interchange
  • Grow as a Planet habitant


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