Yes, Work Permit, now we have to leave!

So in theory the work law in Cayman assumes that anybody entering the country for work already has a job so when we finally got our job we had to leave the country wait and then come back.

After the job is found it’s the employer responsibility to file our papers, pay the permit and deal with all the legal issues, including social security and health insurance. The problem is that for that they need some documents from us, and the most difficult one is the so called CRB check where a statement from a law enforcement entity attests for our good citizenship.  In our case it did mean we had to ask for this document in the UK and so we did, but the lead time is more than 2 weeks.

We had 2 weeks or more to wait and it was not very hard to find out what people do on this situations: they leave the country and go to an affordable one until the permit is processed. Following the trend we decided also to leave the islands until everything was ready, our destination: Cuba.

Our new host Britta, also had been there and she also recommend even though she said that it wouldn’t be that cheap as we expected. What the hell, anything is cheaper than lodging in the Caymans where the simplest guest house costs 100 dollars a night.

Before we left the Island to Cuba we spent almost a week with Britta and David her boyfriend and we had the opportunity to learn about a very interesting sport called Gaelic Football. They both play it and it was that week the final game of the season which we managed to watch and our friend won. it is basically a mix of handball and soccer with a small rugby goal and has 15 players on each side. It looks strange at the beginning but after that we got used to it and really aprreciated the event.

Our friend Britta in action @ Gaelic Games

I may even try it as soon as I get better of my injured ankle, which will be under treatment in Cuba.


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